Church Aims to Attract Young Adults by Adding the Letter ‘i’ to Every Program Name

LAKE HUMPHREY, FL – One of the first things a visitor to Ekklesia Community Worship Center notices is that almost everything the church promotes starts with a lowercase ‘i’ to piggyback on Apple’s brand strategy seen in products such as the iPod, iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.

According to the ECWC website, the path of salvation is, “iAsk, iBelieve, iConfess.” The discipleship program can be summed up as “iWorship, iConnect, iGive, iServe and iInvite.” Although some longtime members of the church find the ‘i’ to be tiresome, contrived and overdone, the strategy seems to be bearing fruit. Mike Hobbes, iPastor of Assimilation and Brand Identity observes, “We have been simply blown away at the response to our brand strategy. Starting program names or intended outcomes with a small ‘i’ imputes a sense that this thing might be overpriced, but coolness has its benefits. No regrets.“

In the past six months, Ekklesia Community has added 10 new young families, which is nine more than it added over the previous two years. Senior iPastor David Hernandez offers this assessment. “We have not really changed anything of substance with our iPrograms or iMessage, only the labeling. Every prevailing religious movement has its own language, and at our iChurch, we have discovered the power of language to open doors that were previously closed to us. Other churches say that ‘everyone is welcome’, but people want to feel like they stand out, like they are cool enough to get into a club that doesn’t let just anyone in. The iStrategy is a winning formula for us.”

Editor’s note: For those who are unsure, the piece by Wiley F. Church is intended to be a spoof. Our point is not to advance a particular perspective or notion, but simply to promote laugher in our fellowship—which is a good thing for ministers who work very hard at what they do. Please understand that humor is often subjective and don’t hold it against us if you fail to find this funny. If you have ideas for future spoof pieces, please feel free to share them with us at . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.